Zoro: Animated

PWN3D by the Dreaded FO!!


001. Comment ♥
002. I have to know who you are; even if I don't know you very well, I gotta at least know OF you.
003. People I know IRL: unless you're a part of the "K Club" or a friend of somebody in the "K Club", don't even ask. Kthxbye. =D
004. I don't get upset if nobody comments, but they're nice every now and then. Also, I don't comment a whole lot on friends' LJ's, but I always always read them.

And remember everybody, drive safely! Pedestrians are worth 100 points, but is it really worth the huge dent in the hood of your car?? ;p

EDIT: This journal is DED. I have moved. Not telling you where. Unless you ask real nice ;p
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